About Us

Rao's Group is one of the leading educational organization in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, prominent states in India. Since its inception in 1985 at Hyderabad, the organization has expanded to 32 schools and junior colleges. Over its evolution, the organization achieved a remarkable brand name for its innovative methods of teaching like Play Activity, Live Teaching, Visual Classrooms, Quiz Programs, Project Presentation, Science Fair. Over 30 years of journey, the management has implemented different ways of teaching to enhance student thinking levels and sprout leadership qualities.


The main objective of Rao's Group is to provide quality, comprehensive education that strengthens the students potentiality and to take timely decisions with strong convictions and develop inherent strategies and practice them to write, read and think. The curriculum has been innovatively designed with which the students can be equipped to meet the day to day challenges of the world.
We believe the principle of "Sound Mind in a Sound Body". We consider Physical Exercise is part of an education to empower the will power and all round development. Therefore we facilitate sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Shuttle, Volley Ball, Throw Ball and games like Chess, Carroms, Table Tennis.

We diversify the way of education for different classes

Kindergarten: Play Activity, Learning Gadgets, Play Equipment

I to V: Developing Character, Discipline, English Fluency, Hand Writing, Group Discussion, Topic Presentation, etc.,

VI to X: IIT/ NEET foundation, conceptual learning, strengthen fundamentals, Visual Classrooms, Quiz programs, competitive examinations, Project & Presentation, Objective Practice Assignments, Problem solving through books like Physics HC Verma, Chemistry OP Tandon, Maths Arihant Series, Inter School Sports Meet, Sports training, etc.,

XI to XII: Rao's Advanced Academic Curriculum (RAAC) to prepare students for competitive exams like JEE Main, Advanced, NEET, SAT. Daily Practice Sheets, Objective weekend Exams, Spot Result Analysis, day to day teaching schedule, All India Rank assessment, etc.,

Innovative Education

Rao's is one among the very few schools which introduced the innovative teaching tools like smart classes and Animation classes to enhance their imaginary standards.
Field trips and excursions, the specially designed strategy, are made part of curriculum of Rao's. We believe the students learn more by watching, observing and interacting. Hence the students are taken periodically to the new places through which they can acquire the direct knowledge rather than bookish. We try to incorporate the book knowledge with the practical and visual that imprints on their minds and develop logical, observation skills and socialization.
At Rao's the students are given an ultimate opportunity to think, question and learn without any restriction in any manner. The teacher friendly atmosphere in the class creates the student learn more. We follow play way method at preschool that creates a lot of interest among the students to learn. Discovery and analytical method is being followed for middle and High School standards.

Research and Development

The Founder and Chairman of the organization, Mr. Prabhakar Rao Polsani has framed eight golden principles which are quite essential for the teacher as they have no boundaries and guidance for teaching. These set principles certainly worked out for the organization success.
In a globalized and liberalized world, one of the biggest challenges for our nation was to make our young generations to compete with the world leaders. Mr.Raos continuous effort towards teaching and profound knowledge in the system made him to innovate the changes as per the requirement of the system so that children can cope up with the generations. The management has been to over 1400 schools across the globe to research and innovate on education system.
The curriculum has been designed so intellectually that could prepare the students feel confident in the subject. Right from the primary standards certain parameters are being followed so that the students of Rao's could easily compete with any competitive exam from across the world and even sustain solid foundation for their future in any field.


Rao's Group has a teaching and administrative staff of more than 1000 members across all the branches. At Rao's the qualified and dedicated professionals are trained in such a way to make all the students involve but not to follow the conventional method of teaching. The teachers should act like a facilitator and enlighten by taping the student's potentiality through specially designed teaching technology.
The teachers are trained how to handle the class, method of teaching, attracting the attention of the students, quoting appropriate examples, content preparation, and at last but not the least recapitulation which helps the teacher to assess the understanding of the students and find the solutions for the slow learners.
We, at Rao's ample opportunities are offered to tap the creative talents of each student for which project based education is encouraged so that the students can get the direct experience with the objective.