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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.




Welcome to Rao's Groups of Schools

Rao’s Group is one of the leading school organizations in Andhra Pradesh, prominent state of India. Since its inception in 1985, the organization has expanded to 16 schools across the state by providing top notch education to the students. Most of the schools being in Hyderabad (one of top 5 metro cities in India), the organization laid a strong foundation for the name As there is growing trend for international residential schools among the parents in Hyderabad, Rao’s Group with the help of the investors would like to set up International schools across India.

What Parents Say About Raos Group

We have found this school a very dynamic institute, implemented many initiatives in their curriculum, which has made it attractive for us and their indulgence.

Priti Dixit

Our childerns need a education like Raos Schools, the Raos Schools helped me much! Its helped me a lot!


The Raos Groups of Schools is an awesome school for my next genaration kids.The different programs held at school are wonderful and each program is a new learning experience to children and parents as well.

chandra mukhi

We all in our family are very happy to have our beloved in Raos schools. We found fantastic changes in her due to school’s hardwork towards each student. The enthusiasm, courage, very good staff and high quality all in one at the Raos schools. We highly recommend this school for every family.